New Rate Structure Coming January 2016

New Rate Structure Coming January 2016

Community Electric Cooperative’s (CEC) Board of Directors and executive staff continuously monitor the financial stability of the co-op to determine if or when a rate increase is necessary. An independent, experienced firm recently conducted a cost-of-service study for the Cooperative to determine what our actual costs are and how rates need to be structured to more accurately reflect those costs.

Based on the study, it was determined that in order to maintain the quality, reliability and stability of the services we provide, it is necessary for us to adjust our pricing structure. Our rates must also be restructured in order to distribute the cost of power to our members on a more equitable basis. For residential accounts, the new rate structure will feature a $13.55 increase in the monthly base charge to more accurately cover the fixed costs related to providing electric service. The energy rate will become a flat rate for every kWh sold, eliminating the three tiered block rates currently in place.

Similar changes will affect all of the Cooperative's rate schedules, increasing the monthly base price and transitioning the three-tiered block rates to a single kwh cost.

Increasing rates is not the only way our Cooperative is working to fight rising costs. We continually look for ways to operate more efficiently and keep costs down. We invest in technology to improve reliability, operations and efficiency. Our focus is on keeping the business financially strong on behalf of our members, in order to continue to provide safe, reliable services at the lowest possible cost -- something that our members can count on and that we deliver on a daily basis.

Residential Cost Comparison
          Current Rates Revised Rates
  Base Charge $12.60 $26.15
  0-200 kWh $0.03323 $0.015235
  201-800 kWh $0.02423 $0.015235
  Over 800 kWh $0.01903 $0.015235
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