Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization Assistance Program

Passage of the Economic Stimulus Plan has resulted in revisions to The Weatherization Assistance Program so that more individuals and families can qualify.

Weatherization assistance provides:

  • funds to reduce the heating and cooling costs and to ensure health and safety such as: window replacement, heating system upgrades, insulation, efficient lighting, ventilation fans;
  • services for lower-income households, particularly for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and families with children.


The counties of Isle of Wight and Southampton; Cities of Chesapeake, Franklin, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach are served by:

The Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project

2551 Almeda Avenue in Norfolk
(Roger Gallup at 757-858-1397 or e-mail

The counties of Surry and Sussex are served by:

Crater District Area Agency on Aging

23 Seyler Drive in Petersburg
(804-732-7020 or e-mail


In order to receive assistance, the first step is to contact the agency and let them know that you are interested in applying for assistance under the weatherization program. A meeting will be scheduled at your home to perform an energy audit and determine the best energy-saving measures that are cost-effective, healthy, and safe. The work is provided at no cost to you. Homeowners and renters may apply.

Visit for more information. The new guidelines for income eligibility as of January 23, 2009, are:


2009 Poverty Income Guidelines
Contiguous U.S. Grantees Effective January 23, 2009

Income Levels

Size of Family Unit



1 $10,830 $21,660
2 14,570 29,140
3 18,310 36,620
4 22,050 44,100
5 25,790 51,580
6 29,530 59,060
7 33,270 66,540
8 37,010 74,020
For each additional member, add 3,740 7,480