Payment Scam Warning

Payment Scam Warning

National Email Scam Hitting Inboxes

From Electric Co-op Today January 28th, 2014

A nationwide email scam is targeting utility customers, including electric cooperative members, by sending bogus invoices directing them to a virus-infected site.

Fake electric utility invoices with malware links are hitting customers’ inboxes.

The fraudulent billing message tells customers that their utility bill is ready and provides a hyperlink to view it. And that’s where the trouble begins.

Reports say the link takes a person to a site that infects their device with malware. The malware could go after banking information or attempt to steal usernames and passwords. 

Better Business Bureaus around the country are seeing big increases in phony utility company invoices, according to an official at a BBB serving northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan.  Other co-ops in Ohio and at least one in Florida have warned members about the email scam in recent days.

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