Report An Outage

Report An Outage

Keeping your power on is our highest priority. While we work hard to provide high quality, reliable electric service to our members, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted power. When an outage does occur, we focus on restoring service interruptions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If the problem is outside your home, call CEC at 757-242-6181 during normal hours. Outside of normal business hours, outages may be reported by calling our toll-free number, 855-700-COOP (2667).

Call any time your power is out. Do not assume that others have reported the outage.

Once you make the report, there is no need to call CEC again unless an emergency arises or your neighbor's power returns and yours does not. Please be patient. During major outages, there may be more members trying to call than we have phone lines to handle. Extra calls prevent others from getting through to report their outage.

The Outage Info link contains a map illustrating the locations of current outages in CEC's service territory.