CEC members have reported phone scams targeting our service area. The scammer urges the member to make payment over the phone to avoid immediate disconnection. 

In a new scam recently communicated via members, telephone scammers are contacting co-op members claiming to represent their 'utility provider'. The scammer tells them they owe money and that the member needs to pay right away or their service will be cut off immediately. The scammer instructs the member to pay the amount over the phone. 

We thank our members who have brought this to our attention and encourage all of our members to stay alert. While CEC may contact you by phone for various reasons, the cooperative will never call you to demand payment by a specific method.

If you have any doubt about a person's validity to represent Community Electric Cooperative, you should hang up the phone and call the cooperative immediately at 757-242-6181 and an official cooperative representative will be glad to assist you.

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