How is service restored?

Outages can be caused by a variety of reasons or a combination of reasons. Weather is the main contributor to system outages, but other items can cause problems. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent all outages. One concept that is hard for many members to understand is the delivery of power to the Cooperative's distribution network. Community Electric Cooperative is a Distribution Cooperative. This means that the Cooperative does not generate any electricity, it merely maintains the lines that deliver power to the member.

Service Restoration Priorities

Transmission lines - These are high-voltage lines that move bulk electricity from a generating plant to a substation or between substations.

Substations - Substations are electrical facilities that contain equipment for switching or regulating the voltage of electricity.

Main distribution lines - These are the 7,200-volt lines that you see along the roadways.

Tap lines - Tap lines are electric feeder lines with limited capacity that run from a main distribution line to a few consumers.

Individual service - This is the line that runs from the transformer to your meter.