Outdoor Area Lights

Area Lighting

Area lights are an additional safety measure homeowners can use to protect their property.  Upon request, CEC can install an area light on most existing poles on a customer's property.  Monthly light fees (fee will vary depending on light) will be included on your monthly CEC billing statement.  To schedule an appointment to review your security lighting options and get pricing information, please contact our member services department at (757) 242-6181, or by emailing our Member Services Department.

Area Light Benefits

  • Better color rendering
  • More consistent light distribution
  • Improved visibility for drivers and pedestrians
  • 40 to 80% energy savings
  • 50 to 75% relamping and maintenance savings

Area Light Costs

  • Outdoor security light features 8,500 Lumen and is available for $8.40* per month
  • Outdoor floodlights features range from 24,700 Lumen ($16.45* per month) to 45,000 Lumen ($22.96* per month)

A $30 connection fee is required, and no installation charge is required when area lighting is installed on an existing CEC pole.

Area lighting is serviced and maintained by Community Electric Cooperative.

*Does not include PCA charges.