What to do during an extended outage?

If electricity is the only source of heat for your home, go in and out of the house as little as possible during cold weather.

Keep drapes and shades closed on the shady side of the house to keep the heat in. If the sun is bright open the shades to warm the house on the southern exposure.

Food will remain frozen for up to 2 days. Food will keep for approximately 1 day in the refrigerator if the door is not opened. Every time the door is opened, the length of time food will keep is reduced. The condition and age of the refrigerator and freezer door gaskets are key factors in the length of time food will keep before thawing or spoiling.

Use a cooler to store milk, fruit, and other frequently used foods to reduce the number of times the door is opened.

In cold weather, the inside house temperature will have to fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the freezing of water pipes to begin. It may be helpful to open faucets and let them drip until power is restored. Turning the water heater breaker off until the water system is completely full again may prevent damage to the heating elements after power is restored.

Layered blankets or clothing will keep you warmer than one single layer. Air trapped between the layers provides insulation to help retain body heat.

Food and water safety before and after power outages.