We are aware of the inclement weather and expecting moderate damage to our territory. We are working with local community partners. Please report all outages through SmartHub.


System Net Metering Capacity

NEM Capacity Available for Installation
NEM CapacityCapacity Available
Total Residential Capacity Available0.871 MW
Total Nonresidential Capacity Available 0.727 MW
Total Nonprofit & Nonjurisdictional Capacity Available (MW)1.578 MW
NEM Systems Installed
SystemCapacity Installed
Total Residential Capacity Installed0.669 MW
Total Nonresidential Capacity Installed0.053 MW
Total Nonprofit & Nonjurisdictional Capacity Installed0.0 MW
Cooperative System Peak Calculation
System PeakMegawatts
Base System Peak78.9
Less any CSP or MBR Service0
Total System Peak Available for NEM 78.9
Total Residential Cap (2%)1.57
Total Nonresidential Cap (1%)0.78
Total Nonprofit & Nonjurisdictional Cap (2%)1.57