Community Electric Cooperative Achieves Higher Customer Satisfaction in New Survey

CEC line crewWindsor, VA (July 27, 2023) – Member satisfaction with Community Electric Cooperative is high and still rising, according to an evaluation provided by one of the nation’s leading customer satisfaction companies. CEC received a score just shy of 90 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index®, which has a maximum score of 100. Community Electric’s score is two points higher than it was in 2022 and significantly higher than the 2023 national average for cooperative energy utilities (74).

More than 300 CEC members participated in the June survey that yielded the ACSI® ranking. Areas for which Community Electric received particularly high scores include:

  • Reliability of electric service (94);
  • Restoration of service when power outages occur (93);
  • Courtesy and helpfulness of staff (92); and
  • Efforts to support the local community (89)

“I am extremely pleased to see that our members’ satisfaction with our Cooperative continues to increase,” CEC President and CEO Steven Harmon said. “We are committed to serving our members and the communities in this part of the state to the best of our abilities. I am proud of our employees and, on their behalf, I pledge to our members that we value their feedback and will continue to work hard to serve them well.”

CEC Board Chairman Jeannette Everett said the survey findings validate her assessment of the Cooperative and its performance.

Congratulations to Community Electric Cooperative on their high member satisfaction score!: municipal utilities: 71; Investor-owned utilities: 72; Community Electric Cooperative: 89.“While there is room for continued improvement, Community Electric’s overall level of service and the commitment and dedication of its employees are top notch,” Everett said. “Having witnessed their performance up close for many years now, I know that CEC’s team members take special pride in the Cooperative’s role in the community and in the services they provide. It is heartening that member-owners recognize that and, even more so, that they are benefiting from the great work being done on their behalf.”

ACSI® measures customer satisfaction across multiple industries throughout the United States. CEC’s survey was administrated by the cooperative and modeled by ACSI LLC using the proprietary ACSI methodology. ACSI is a registered trademark of ACSI LLC. For more information, please visit the ACSI website.