Serious Medical Condition

Do you have medical equipment that utilizes electricity in use at your home? If so, we’d like to know. CEC will attempt to give those members advance notice of any planned outages and priority in the restoration of electric service whenever reasonably possible.

Please note that this does not guarantee that your electric service will not be interrupted.

To be included, provide the completed “Serious Medical Condition Certification Form (PDF)” to the Cooperative in person or via email.

A new Certification Form will be required annually or upon the expiration of the anticipated length of time that the serious medical condition will persist if such time is less than 12 months. Your account must also be kept up to date so that service is not disconnected for non-payment.

The possibility does exist that you may be without electric service for an extended period when there is major damage to the electrical system. In preparation for this type of situation, you may want to obtain an alternate power source such as a generator or be prepared to relocate until power can be restored.