Surge Protection

The natural world is just full of surprises and not all of them are good for appliances and electronics!  Every day, destructive electrical spikes and surges caused by lightning or industrial and automobile accidents with utility poles pass through the electrical lines and into the home. Once inside, these high-voltage spikes can be devastating.

Community Electric Cooperative offers a system designed to protect appliances from damage caused by electrical surges that may happen.  A whole-house surge protector, installed in the meter socket, protects those motors and appliances that operate without the use of sensitive electronic circuitry.  Available for installation on single-phase services, a $25 connection fee and a 36-month lease agreement at $4.50 per month are required.

Additionally, the Cooperative recommends using high-quality site-specific surge protection devices to protect TV/stereo systems, computers, cordless phones, and phone answering machines.

For more information, call Community Electric Cooperative.