Report an Outage

Keeping your power on is our highest priority. However, from time-to-time, our service area experiences a major storm that may cause wide-spread power outages.

Why Outages Happen

Our crews and contractors work diligently to maintain the rights of way (ROW) to standard widths, but:

  • In many cases the surrounding trees far surpass the height of the power lines
  • If these trees are weighed down by heavy snow, or we experience a wind event, those trees fall into the lines, snapping poles and breaking wire in the process

As your electric cooperative, we are focused on providing affordable, reliable service to our members. We want you to be prepared and know how to effectively report an outage and where to turn for outage-restoration updates.

Report an Outage

We ask that you report all information via your SmartHub account or app.

Once you make the report, there is no need to contact CEC again unless an emergency arises or your neighbor’s power returns and yours does not.

Please be patient. During major outages, there may be more members trying to call than we have phone lines to handle. Extra calls prevent others from getting through to report their outage.

Access the Most Up-to-Date Information During an Outage

Outage Map

CEC’s outage map is updated live from the field and is therefore the most up-to-date resource available.

Here you will be able to access:

Outage Restoration

While we work hard to provide high quality, reliable electric service to our members, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted power. When an outage does occur, we focus on restoring service interruptions as quickly and safely as possible.