Breast Cancer Awareness


From October 1 through December 11th,2023, we are hoping to make a splash in our efforts to raise awareness for breast Cancer and give back to our community – to those who are fighting breast cancer. In addition to raising awareness, we are also aiming to raise $10,000!!

In our efforts to raise $10,000 to contribute to the Susan G. Komen foundation. We have set up multiple methods of raising funds:

  • 50/50 RAFFLE TICKETS: 1 ticket for $2 – or – 10 tickets for $15
  • Purchase items in the lobby or through the drive-thru
  • Bracelets
  • Phone Buddies
  • Key Chains and more
  • We are also accepting cash and check donations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CECares?

It's our way of quite literally joining Community Electric and the incredibly caring and supportive community. We have initiated this campaign with a sincere pledge and commitment to the community around us, and hope that other businesses and organizations will join.

Why are the logos pink?

For the month of October, we have transitioned all of our logos to pink. Traditional logos will make their return in November, but our commitment to issues that impact our members and our community won’t diminish. This shift in colors is in keeping with other national brands and organizations to bring further recognition to the breast cancer fight.

Why are the linemen wearing pink hard hats?

For the month of October, our linemen have been provided pink hard hats to wear the in the field. We have all been impacted by breast cancer to some degree. This is one of the many ways we are showing our community that #CECares.

How can I partcipate?

For the month of October, CEC will be selling several items to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Items to be sold are:

  • Sold Online or Over the Phone:
  • Sold From Drive-thru or Lobby:
    • Bracelets: $1
    • Phone buddies: $3
    • Key chains: $2
    • Socks: $5
  • We will also be accepting cash or check donations at the office:
How to Help Purchase Shirts