Payment Options

CEC members can choose easy and convenient ways to even out their monthly electricity bills and pay their bills through a mobile device or automatic deductions.

The SmartHub program enables you to view your information from practically anywhere, anytime. A nice feature of the new system is the availability of a free “App” you can put on your mobile device.

Through SmartHub there will be opportunities to:

  • Report outages
  • Communicate with CEC staff
  • View usage history
  • Pay bills

Many people like to know, within a few dollars, what their electricity bill will run each month in order to keep within their budget.

Levelized Billing is a way to even out your monthly payments in order to minimize those high spikes that can sometimes occur during peak usage months.

No Surprises

Levelized billing:

  • Prevents drastic changes in your bill, even during the coldest or hottest months of the year
  • Averages the previous 11 monthly bills and the current month’s bill for a service address

No Settleup

Because the levelized billing amount is recalculated each month based on a rolling average, the need to settle up balances annually is eliminated.

Reconciliation of your account will be necessary only if you move or decide to stop participating in the program.

Join Anytime

If CEC has been providing electricity to your service address for at least 1 year and your account is current:


To be eligible for Levelized Billing:

  • You must have had residential service at your location for 1 year or more
  • Your account also must be current

Payment Arrangement