Net Metering FAQs

Where do I start?

The primary goal of net metering is to allow consumers to generate enough electricity to offset some or all of their annual energy use. It is more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly to reduce your energy use before expending the time and expense of installing a renewable generating system. CEC has online tools to help you identify cost-effective energy-efficiency improvements and conservation efforts, which will help to lower your energy usage and costs.

By first reducing your energy use, you may be able to reduce the size and cost of your renewable generator.

Once energy-efficiency and conservation measures have been implemented, you would be ready to size a renewable generator system to offset the remaining energy usage.

What renewable sources and other technologies are eligible?

Energy derived from sunlight, wind, falling water, biomass, sustainable or otherwise, (the definitions of which shall be liberally construed), energy from waste, landfill gas, municipal solid waste, wave motion, tides, and geothermal power.

How do I see the output of my renewable system?

Your electric bill will not show any output of energy your system produced. Your bill will only show the difference between the energy generated at your site and the energy consumed from CEC's distribution system; hence, the term Net Metering. Most renewable systems sold today have equipment with access to renewable generator readings that will estimate the output of the system. You will need to consult the manufacturer/installer of your system to determine if this is available.

Where are the rate schedules for net metering?

100% Renewable Electric Service, Rider "RE" (PDF)

This Rider is available on a voluntary basis as a “companion rate” to any Customer who contracts with the Cooperative for the purchase and retirement of renewable energy attributes (“Renewable Energy”) for all of the Customer’s monthly consumption under an existing Cooperative Rate Schedule. Except as noted below, this Rider is available in all territory served by the Cooperative, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Cooperative on file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Net Metering, Rider NEM-10 (PDF)

This Rider is available to residential class Customers.​​​​​​

View our Rates page for more information.


What safety issues should I consider?

Safety is CEC's utmost concern. The Net Metering participant's generation must disconnect from the utility power system whenever an outage occurs. This prevents the member's generator from energizing CEC's facilities and creating a hazard. The installer and your local building inspector should work together to make sure the system is installed correctly to protect you and your home, and the CEC inspector will check to make sure the connection is safe for CEC.

Other Important Information