4 Ways Home Upgrades Can Cut Insurance Costs

You know how to save by utilizing loyalty discounts for sticking with the same insurance company and by bundling home and auto policies. But did you know you can get even more discounts for adding home safety systems?

Many insurance companies reward you for adding home security devices and sensors. Because these measures reduce your chances of making a claim, insurance companies can lower your monthly premium in return. Check out the four upgrades that can help you save money and protect your home from burglary and damage, too.

1. Home Security System

Simply adding new deadbolt and chain locks on your front door could save you some money. More inclusive home security systems include alarms and video surveillance that can notify both you and local authorities in the event of a break-in—not to mention that these often deter burglars in the first place.

Adding a smart security system gives you even more control. Video doorbells alert you if someone steps on your porch, and you can even remotely lock that new smart deadbolt with a smartphone app if you forget to on your way out the front door.

2. Fire Safety Measures

From not smoking in your home to installing an inclusive fire prevention system, you can protect your home from fire and the damage that comes with it. Wireless fire alarms can alert people in the home, contact the homeowner remotely and even alert the monitoring service directly. Installing these throughout your home can decrease the time it takes for emergency services to reach you.

Sprinkler systems can put out small fires quickly, and it's always a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher on hand, too.

3. Leak Detection Systems

Fire detectors aren't the only sensors you should have in your home. Carbon monoxide detectors can notify you of dangerous leaks quickly, keeping your family safe from exposure to the odorless gas. Water leak detection systems monitor the flow of water and notify you if a leak is detected. Some sensors take it one step further—they can shut off the water supply automatically, saving your home from costly damage and repairs.

4. Other Home Upgrades

Updates that make your home more resistant to fire, water and weather-related disaster damage could get you an insurance discount. Storm shutters and reinforced impact-resistant roofs can help mitigate storm damage in areas that experience hail and high winds. Investing in new wiring, plumbing or air conditioning makes your home stronger when it comes to safety, longevity and structure.

These upgrades can reduce your chances of having a claim and, in return, reduce your insurance rate. Check with your home insurance company to see if they offer these discounts, how you can qualify and how much you can save. It may be more than you'd expect!