6 Clever Things You Can Do With a Smart Bulb

Tired of wasting money lighting empty rooms or getting by with outdated technology? Smart bulbs are a great solution. They can be controlled through a connected smartphone app — or even with your voice through a smart speaker. The many capabilities of smart bulbs can help you stick to your daily routines or mix things up, if you're looking for a change. Here's how you can brighten up your life with smart bulbs:

  1. Get up on time
    Once you have a color-changing smart bulb, you can finally toss out that noisy alarm. Smart bulbs can be scheduled to wake you up naturally by mimicking the colors and effects of a sunrise. To fall asleep easily, schedule the bulb to take on a soothing deep red tone at night.
  2. Check the weather
    Want to know if it's hot or cold outside without checking a weather app or peeking out a window? You can set your smart bulb to automatically change color based on the temperature and time of day.
  3. Stay on track
    We all have our daily routines, and smart bulbs can help you stick with them. Schedule a light pink for an early morning workout session, then a warm yellow-orange tone to read or start your workday. Smart bulbs let you customize the color and dimness to fit your lifestyle.
  4. Get alerts and notifications
    Smart bulbs can help you stay connected and up to date. Sync your notifications and smart apps, and you'll be able to make the bulb automatically change color when you get a call or text, when someone approaches the front door, the laundry's done and more.
  5. Immerse yourself in what you're watching
    Technology has come a long way when it comes to making you feel like you're part of the action in movies, TV shows and games. But you can go even further with smart bulbs. Some can connect with other apps to synchronize light color with the visuals of a game or show.
  6. Keep intruders away
    Tired of messing with manual timers or leaving certain lights on when you leave the house for an extended period of time? Smart bulbs can be set to mimic lights turning on and off like they would if you were at home, fooling any potential intruders and saving energy and money.

You can take control of your home's lighting — from anywhere — thanks to smart bulbs. That sounds like a bright idea.