Community Electric Cooperative Achieves High Customer Satisfaction Score in New Survey

Member satisfaction with Community Electric Cooperative is high, according to an evaluation provided by one of the nation’s leading customer satisfaction companies. CEC received a score of 87 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index®, which has a maximum score of 100. Community Electric’s score is significantly higher than the 2022 benchmark satisfaction score (73) for all cooperative energy utilities.

More than 500 CEC members were asked to participate in the June survey that yielded the ACSI® ranking. Areas for which Community Electric received particularly high scores include:

  • Reliability of electric service (93)
  • Restoration of service when power outages occur (90)
  • Courtesy and helpfulness of staff (91)
  • Efforts to support the local community (87)

“I am pleased – but less than satisfied – with the findings from the ACSI customer satisfaction index and the participation from our members,” CEC President and CEO Steven Harmon said. “It is heartening that our members appreciate the hard work that our employees put in to provide reliable power. It also is gratifying to see that our commitment to serve the community is recognized. At the same time, the index sends the message clearly that we have areas to work on. This is feedback I take very seriously and is an area where we must improve.”

CEC Board Chairman Jeannette Everett said she is “well pleased” with the survey findings and with the cooperative’s willingness to conduct it.

“Community Electric is only going to continue serving this region well if it has the fortitude to ask its members how it’s performing and to act upon the feedback – good and bad – that it receives,” Everett said. “As this index bears out, CEC’s employees do a terrific job in many areas. My experience has found them to be highly dedicated, professional and a pleasure to work with. To the extent this index has identified areas for improvement, I call upon the CEC team to receive and embrace that feedback so that every one of our members feels valued.”

ACSI® measures customer satisfaction across multiple industries throughout the United States. CEC’s survey was administrated by the cooperative and modeled by ACSI LLC using the proprietary ACSI methodology. ACSI is a registered trademark of ACSI LLC.